MLBrulTech ECM-1220 Plug-in Documentation


  1. Download the most recent install package.
  2. Shutdown MLServer. MLServer needs to be restarted to see the that the plug-in was added.
  3. Run the installer. It will prompt you for the location of your MLServer plug-ins with the default being C:\Program Files\MLServer\Plugins.
  4. Restart MLServer.


The first time you start MLServer after installing MLBrulTech, you will need to configure it. Select "Settings" from the plug-in's menu and enter the IP address and Port number for the ECM-1220 Resident Server Software. Click on "Apply".

Once the IP address and port number are entered, MLBrulTech should start collecting data from the ECM-1220 and loading it into MLServer variables.


There are no commands. The plug-in just runs in the background collecting data.


On startup MLBrulTech will create a set of variables in MLServer. These variables can be used in MainLobby Scenes or used as triggers in automation rules.


To facilitate debugging of problems encountered while using MLBrulTech, the verbosity of the messages written to the built in log can be increased. By default, only errors and warnings are written to the log. To turn on debugging messages, go to the "Log" tab in MLBrulTech's window and change the log level to "Debug".

If you have encountered a problem, Set the log to Debug, cause the problem, and save the log file. Send the saved log file along with a detailed description of the problem and what steps are needed to reproduce it to