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Screen shots of Sonica in action

Main screen
This is how the screen looks when in the default state of playing music. Information about the currently playing song and the next song in the queue is display. If cover art is available for the current song, it to is displayed. The right/left arror keys on the remote will cycle though the action buttons, select will initiate that action. The status bar shows: player status, file type, song bitrate, random/linear play, repeat, elapsed/total track time.

info screen
Pressing the "Info" button will display a window with basic information about Sonica. At the bottom it will show how many files have been indexed (or the total that were indexed when scanning has finished).

Options screen
Pressing the "Menu" button on the remote will bring up the options screen. These options define how Sonica behaves when it is started.

Initial browse screen
Sonica lets you browse through your music collection in a very intutive fashion. The arrow keys behave as expected either moving the hightlighted selection up/down or moving the focus up/down the tree. Pressing "Select" will add the currently hightlighted selection to the dynamic play queue. Pressing "Select" on an entry that is not an individual song will add all items lower in the tree. The zoom in/out button allows scrolling through the list one page at time. If a single song is highlighted, pressing "Play" will stop any currently playing song and play the highlighted song. Pressing the "Info" button will bring up information on the highlighted song (see below).

Song info
When browsing through the music library, information about individual songs can be obtained by pressing the "Info" button.

Editing the play queue
The "Edit" button behaves similar to the "Browse" button. But instead of browsing your entire music collection. It browses through the current dynamic play queue. Pressing the "Menu" button brings up a menu that lets you modify entries in the dynamic queue.