ElveWeatherBug Documentation


  1. Download the most recent version of the driver.
  2. Quit any running clients on the server (Management Studio, TouchScreen builder/viewer
  3. Stop the Driver service.
  4. Stop the Master service.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. Restart the services and/or clients.


From the Elve Management Studio program, add the ElveWeatherBug as a new driver. The Location setting will open a search box where you can enter a city. For US locations, you may enter the zipcode directly. The polling interval defaults to 10 minutes but can be changed to any value between 5 minutres and 1 hour. Select the units you would like the information displayed, the default is English.

Supported Methods


Supported Properties

The properties that include a "[7]" are array properties that hold forecast data. Array index [0] has the current day's forecast.


If you have encountered a problem, Set the log to Debug, cause the problem, and save the log file. Post a description of your problem along with the log to: Bobsplace Media Engineering Forums